Data Mining Services


Our solution is not limited just by multi­dimensional reporting. We offer comprehensive analysis of your company’s data: data mining, forecasting and fraud prevention.

Data mining discovers hidden patterns in data and operates at a detailed level instead of a summary level. For instance, in the healthcare industry where a patient is a key factor, datamining would answer questions like “who should I target in a marketing campaign for this new procedure” and “what procedure conversion rate should I expect from my marketing attribution methods”.

Forecasting would help to answer questions like “what are my revenue accruals currently per procedure type/primary CPT?” or “how effective is our DSO from patient to payment? In what areas is there potential for improvement?”, taking into account all historical data, trends, and fluctuations within your systems.

Fraud prevention via clustering allows to easily identify leads and patients that may ignore your bills, or can you trust a particular patient to set up a payment plan.