MedOLAP is an online analytical platform for healthcare decision support and business intelligence. The platform is designed to efficiently provide analytical data for business reports and client applications such as Microsoft Excel, SharePoint, and other data visualization tools.

MedOLAP empowers healthcare organizations to gain insight into new markets, assess demand and suitability of services for different market segments, and gauge the impact of marketing efforts.

Why MedOLAP?

MedOLAP offers technologies capable of handling large amounts of amorphous data to help identify, develop and create new business opportunities. Our goal is to help you to interpret and process these large volumes of data in an efficient manner. Through MedOLAP, your business can easily identify new opportunities and implement an effective strategy based on insights to provide healthcare businesses with a competitive market advantage and long­term stability.

Unlike other healthcare reporting vendors, we do not offer a set of unrelated reports. Instead, we build a comprehensive model with the ability to easily slice and dice, drill­down, roll­up, and pivot. As a result, you are not limited to a predefined report structure, but possess the ability to maneuver your data and look at it from different perspectives.

With MedOLAP you can always provide management with fast answers to complex inquiries on the operational data or analyze the company's historical figures for forecasting budgets and trends.

Medolap Hospital Business

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Data Analysis the way you need it
Data integrity

No matter how large and complex your database, the final reports will always have a consistent presentation with accurate data.


“What if” scenarios analysis (WISA) is made extremely easy by multidimensional processing to explore new lines of business or create financial forecasting and accruals for C­suite needs to revenue cycle management.

Simple Reporting

Multidimensional data presentation allows a healthcare manager to pull data from an OLAP cube in broad or specific terms. In other words, reporting can be as simple as comparing a few lines of data in one column of a spreadsheet or as complex as viewing all aspects of a mountain of data.

Drill down capabilities

As long as your entities have a hierarchical structure, you’ll be able to go to any level of details.

multidimensional presentation

A multidimensional presentation can create an understanding of relationships not previously realized.

Custom actions

Custom actions to integrate with other web­based systems.

Unlimited data aggregation

Unlimited additional levels of data aggregation. Group your records as you like, even if it’s not a part of your original database.


Business Intelligence for Healthcare


Would you like to see how a cube works? We’ve got a sample for you.

It’s based on AdvancedMD billing database and filled out with test data.

You need Excel 2013 or newer to open the file.

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